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Warehouse Management

The warehouse is an important junction within each supply chain, connecting your product stock, your employees and the company processes. Given their omnipresent function, it thus is of paramount importance to organize all warehouse activities in a most efficient and effective way.  

Actemium offers a dedicated Warehouse Management System (WMS), to integrate your computer systems, material handling equipment and people into one single, cohesive working system.

We put the focus on neutral and product-independent consultancy-advice, with the purpose of developing, improving or optimizing your logistics automation capacity. Our WMS can be flexibly customized to your needs, for a most optimal management of all phases in your logistic processes. It allows your warehouse operators to work in a mobile, paperless way, with integral support in order to reduce errors to a minimum.

The principle in our approach always is to only add those functionalities that are missing in your current ERP-system, so overlap is avoided.


Added value

  • Flexible & customized
  • No overlap with existing functionalities
  • Maximize productivity & warehouse capacity, minimize errors
  • Complete mobility & efficient space utilization





Your warehouse = unique

No company or logistic process is the same, and so applying a standard automation software inevitably results in a solution that in time proves to be too limited. Therefore, Actemium offers a WMS that is built up by flexibly configurable pre-defined modules, for all common logistic activities within your warehouse.

We start from a number of default transactions, which we fine-tune and personalize to the specific requirements and demands of your logistic process.




Basic functions WMS

  • Location management
  • Management of handling units (pallets & boxes)
  • Build up a track & trace database
  • User management and -logging
  • Label printing
  • Serial number registration
  • Clear-, supply- and order pick strategies, like wave-picking, combined with route optimization
  • Activity dashboard & management reporting

Logistic transaction templates

  • Goods receipt (possibly combined with quality inspections)
  • Clearance and storage
  • Transfers
  • Block and release articles and pallets
  • Order-picking on production/sales orders
  • Pick & Pack
  • Packing & re-packaging
  • Crossdocking
  • Restock / replenishment
  • Inventory / cycle counting
  • Information request



Perfect your ERP!

ERP-systems often already contain standard WMS-functionalities or specifically developed modules, though mostly they do not entirely fit in with the actual operations in your warehouse.

The Actemium WMS imports a large library of templates, for all warehouse activities. By extending your ERP-system with the Actemium WMS, you achieve a flexible and open solution. Our profound expertise in the feed industry guarantees a well-oriented result, that meets your current and future requirements 100%.