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Route Control

The large product diversification brings along complex production processes, in which batches are following one another at a rapid pace. More efficiently organized production flows help you keep control and maintain both the production and quality level.

Route Control makes sure that your product is taking the most optimal route. Complex installations are split up into smaller parts (partial routes) and junctions, providing you a clear view on the often complex production routes. This way Actemium makes your production road controllable & well-organized again.

The tool is extremely flexible and can be tuned to the needs and requirements of diverse sectors, wherever product transport plays an essential role. With our wide expertise in the feed sector and a profound know-how of its specifics, you can rely on Actemium to develop a Route Control that maximally meets yours demands. A great importance is attached to diagnosis and the Route Control-tool can be applied on several PLC’s (load balancing).



Added value

  • Increased production capacity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Higher flexibility
  • Easy configuration
  • Contamination-proof


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Untangle your production road map

The first functionality of Route Control is of course to define and map out the most optimal route for your products. However, the tool also provides the alternative routes, giving you many advantages:

  • fast diversion in case of calamities or when the destination silo becomes unavailable
  • transport routes are made re-available more quickly, so they are mobilized more efficiently
  • partial routes which did not receive a product supply for a certain amount of time are shut down. This results in a reduced energy consumption and in the end an overall efficiency gain


To conclude, each route’s status and which products passed where are listed in detail, for perfect traceability and a close contamination follow-up.