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In most feed companies, the software for administration management has traditionally been kept separate from that for production management. Today’s market however, requires production systems with a flexibility that can cope with the demand for an ever-widened product range.  

To respond to these challenges, Actemium provides an MES solution that integrates the administrative commercial functions with those of production management, combining the whole with the operational tasks in the plant. It meets very stringent quality standards and aims for a zero tolerance for errors and a full traceability of raw materials & finished products. The results is a dedicated & integrated solution, that incorporates the latest IT technologies, such as advanced planning systems for supply chain optimization.

Serving as a functional layer, the MES solution provides the integration between your ERP and production control. It offers insights into and an overview of the progress and deviations in your process, and ensures a more efficient implementation of your orders, as well as a most optimal deployment of your people and resources. This way, the MES helps you to achieve your operational goals.




Added value

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Smooth co-ordination between production- and ERP system
  • Centralized production data
  • Transparency & real-time (KPI) monitoring
  • Multi-site approach




By combining our acknowledged, professional expertise with a segmented approach and the network effect, Actemium can present effective and creative MES solutions, customized to your specific needs.