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Labeling & Scanning

Labels play an important role in identifying and tracing products and the material and parts used in their manufacturing. They must meet all regulations and legislation, as well as better inform customers on your deliveries.  

To this end, an automation solution that offers a conclusive registration of all activities and traceability of the used raw materials, semi-finished products and parts, is indispensable.

Actemium offers complete solutions for labeling & scanning, including the necessary software and integrations to incorporate information from various applications on one single label. Combined with the most appropriate scanning devices and systems, your people can work paperless and mobile anytime and anywhere, and you can observe your process from raw material up to finished product.

When integrating our label- and scan solutions into your logistic process, Actemium can assist you throughout the entire project life cycle: hardware, software as well as maintenance & service, on-site or remote.


Added value



  • Custom-made labels, most suitable scanning equipment
  • In accordance with regulations & legislation
  • Integration with your ERP/MES
  • Complete solutions: hardware, software and maintenance





Custom-made labeling

According to your needs and requirements, our experts develop a custom-made labeling solution, with implementation and/or integration of a.o.:



  • EU-directives for food information and labeling
  • Danger icons or customer logos in full colour
  • Quality and validation directives, for example GAMP
  • EU-GHS / CLP-regulations for labeling chemical substances and mixtures
  • Implementation of the GS1 DataBar-barcodes (new generation cash registers)




Actemium offers professional advice on an integration with your current ERP-system or WMS, including the combination of information on used material, recipes or quality from several source systems on one single label.


Functionalities for labeling

  • Finished product labeling
    • Pre-print bag and pallet labels
    • On demand bag and pallet labels
  • RF scanning supported labels
    • Raw material labeling
    • Staging labels production
    • Shipment labels

Functionalities for scanning

  • Goods receipt
  • Goods receipt printing
  • Put away raw materials
  • Pick/load one or two steps
  • Put away finished goods
  • Staging for production
  • Inventory transfer, count and label re-print



In line with regulations & legislation

The legislation on identifying and tracing products and raw materials changes regularly, and it is therefore not easy for you to keep up with, let alone implement the changes immediately.

Actemium closely follows any possible modifications and advises you, based on your specific situation, on the labels and printing techniques that are best to use.