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Formulation & Quality Control (Libra)

In the compound feed sector, the logistic flows are mainly determined by the very large number of production recipes. Since one of the industry’s major characteristics is in fact the constantly changing composition of recipes, which are continuously adjusted depending on the quality, availability and price of the raw materials supplied.

In addition, the ever-increasing focus on food safety multiplies the requirements set on quality control. It is therefore obvious that the necessity for combining optimization of the recipes with the quality analysis of raw materials plays a crucial role in the automation of compound feed production. Actemium has collected all these functionalities into one single software package: Libra.

Libra is one of the Actemium software solutions dedicated to the automation of the various administrative, operational, logistic and scientific tasks that are inherent to the compound feed sector. This package links the three main challenges in recipe management & formulation, and provides an optimization of recipes and logistic flows, integrated with a quality control system.



Added value

  • One integrated solution
  • Determine most efficient logistic flows
  • Composition simulation & price forecasting
  • Answers challenges of compound feed industry



One tool, 3 main functionalities

Recipe Optimization

The management of an ever-growing number of bills of materials, and the optimization of recipe formulation is the first and most obvious functionality of the Libra-solution.

However, Libra is not limited to optimal recipe calculation. It also determines the most efficient logistics flows and supports buy and sell decision-making by carrying out simulations on multiple plants and over multiple periods.

Combined with the trading & risk management modules developed by Actemium, Libra simulations can carry out multi-period calculations on the impact of varying product compositions. This implies that a forecast of the expected, future prices of finished products can be done, based on simulated positions in the future market. This tool is of course a great support of the price setting process when establishing long-term contracts for finished product sales.



Quality Management

The strict attention to food safety has significantly increased the demands on quality control. Libra unites the applications necessary to support these functionas, and has quality analysis and quality control modules, as well as laboratory management. All of these can be fully integrated with the recipe optimization modules.

The result is a conclusive traceability of parties and a continuous testing of the values gained from lab analysis when compared to the quality required or calculated for recipe optimization.


In the agricultural industry, high flexibility is required in terms of product range and delivery times. This results in an ever-increasing number of customer-specific formulations and additives, which must often be combined with a short delivery time to the customer. Moreover, the list of requirements for labeling of the delivered products is constantly expanding.

Therefore, Libra contains a module that adjusts labels automatically, based on the changing product formulations. This tool can also be installed online to further increase flexibility towards the customers. In that case, the tool is based on factory feedback data on actual mixes or additions to standard products that have been delivered.