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Automatic Pellet Control

At the center of your production chain, the pellet mill still implies a true craftmanship, and requires very precise and thus labor-intensive handling & care. By automating the control & operation, we feed that specific know-how and operator’s touch into a tool, providing many advantages for both quality and capacity.

Actemium has developed a dedicated solution package for Automatic Pellet Control (APC), taking into account the specific demands and requirements of the feed sector.

Through a well-proven phased method, from parameter defining over adjustment optimization, up to and including continuous improvement & safeguarding, we build the most efficient pellet control process. Key factor in achieving this is the focused approach, customized to both machine and recipe. This results in a most optimal, ‘golden’ batch, for each pellet mill, and a guaranteed consistency in both capacity and product quality.

With continuous monitoring, we assure a punctual follow-up and automatic adjustment of the process. Error states and the accompanying downtime are reduced to a minimum, while output and efficiency highly increase.


Added value

  • Improved efficiency, increased production capacity
  • Consistent pellet quality
  • Continuous process & quality safeguarding
  • Fast start-up & shutdown






By offering a proven yet perfectly customizable method, Actemium makes your APC

… as easy as 1, 2, 3!


… run smoothly

Besides continuously optimizing your automated pellet control process, Actemium also provides superior service & maintenance.

Our service technicians are 24/7 available. Through remote service access, by connecting to your system for a quick detection & correction of bottlenecks or performance errors, or on-site, with face-to-face assistance and customized maintenance.