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Advanced scheduling

Maximum flexibility is required from agro-industrial companies, both in product range and in logistic processing. Competition increases, and there is a constant pressure to reduce delivery times. On top of that, there are always unexpected customer requests and sudden incidents that disturb your planning process.

Think about rush orders, insufficient stock of materials or packaging, blocking due to quality problems, machine stops or other technical interruptions, etc. In order to anticipate the higher requirements for flexibility as well as such unexpected circumstances, Actemium developed a dedicated Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool.

The APS-tool charts the planning schedules, visualizes any problems that have arisen, and helps you to adjust production planning to find a better solution. Logistics or production planners can identify bottlenecks and organize the planning so to maximally achieve target functions such as Just-in-time delivery or Optimum yield.


Added value

  • Most optimal deployment of resources, materials & machines
  • Short lead times & reduced stock
  • Increased Overal Equipment Efficiency
  • Powerful analysis tool for quick diagnosing & problem-solving







Your customer’s demands often seem hard to combine with your own goal: reduce production costs to a minimum.

Plan the key elements of your production flow in the most efficient way with the Actemium APS tool:


Order planning

Achieve a higher efficiency thanks to an adequate planning: based on the received orders a detailed planning overview is drawn up, taking into account the running orders’ status and the (im)possibilities of the resources: machines, people & materials.

Just-in-time planning

Given a limited number of storage silos on the one hand, and a large quantity of customer-specific products on the other, a graphical Just-in-time planning is required. Our APS-solution is an essential support tool for the alignment of production processes with logistical processes. The time that lorries have to wait will be reduced to a minimum, and silos are used in the most optimal & efficient way.



Material planning

Plan the use of raw materials, semi-finished products and end products. With Bills of Material (BOMs) and the consumption, this module calculates which raw materials and semi-finished products are required, at what time and in which quantities. You get real-time insight in your material use and are early alerted of possible shortage or surplus. The result: a minimal stock and 100% delivery reliability.



Staff planning

Efficient staff planning contributes to higher production flexibility. A specific module for staff planning enables you to optimally plan your people based on the needs for capacity, specific knowledge and skills. You can easily configure and track people’s know-how and expertise, and which machines they can operate.




The APS-tool can be directly implemented in your existing ERP package and/or process control system or MES layer.

This way we ensure a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, no matter where the data originate from (ERP, MES, XLS, MS Office). A modular build-up allows you to implement only those functionalities you need.

Working in line with your requirements, we determine the most efficient integration between the applications, in order to achieve the pre-established planning objectives.